Monday, 28 December 2015

Peter, Pattar Rain Drops

It started raining all of a sudden when the taxi was stuck in the traffic near the four point crossing of EM Bypass. The durga puja festival clogs the traffic like clusters of polythene in drain. I had no other way than to close the window glass. I helped myself with a better lean on the back. An started capturing the perspiration on the taxi window glasses. 
The rolling beads of the complex compound made me feel relieved of the sultry heat of the city. I felt hopeful for the upcoming days. Hope larked when I could take out the camera from the untidy backpack, and started clicking anything and everything.

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When the rain fell on the glasses, I looked through the hazy. The hot air from my mouth made vapour on the glass. I felt like child. The unputdownable spirit of drawing a smiley on the vapour made me ecstatic. I remembered my childhood days, when I had tried hard to keep the vapours on the dressing table glass. I used to press my nose on the glass and breath heavily, and kept doing till I used to get a good area of vapour on the glass. I drew smileys on it.

Today in my almost mid twenties I felt the curious spirit of that old happy child. I drew the smiley.

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  1. So pure. Your words. I love reading what you write. Thank you :)