Sunday, 31 January 2016

Survived Pup


When the bitch was in labour pain no one came to help her out. Fellow brother dogs were loitering in tension perhaps when a deeper cry brought a pup out of her womb. Another pup came out in a second, and another in another second..and it continued...

But the story is not about these puppies... it's about the one who will be dying soon in various ailments. The mother will cry, lick the body till she smells the warmth of her pieces of flesh, then sleep by the side of the corpse. Soon swarms of ants will come and dine upon her piece of love and she will see that dead child of her vanish in front of her eyes. 

Few more will die... and the strongest one will survive.

I never believed that I will survive the torture that the manager was doing to me from past four months. I could never get rid of the trauma of how he insulted me in the global meets of the managers. But that night was the night when I made my almost dead body come back to life when I implanted a zestful slap on his glowing greedy face. I threw my resignation on his face and kicked on his protruding tummy, aiming at the meat piece some inches below. Huh! " 

Prema was ogling at the laptop screen, she read the blog again and again. She smiled in between changing lines. A strong urge to survive lurked in her mind. She can survive the tensions that were on from past few months. If the puppies survive, if the woman can kick her managers tummy. Why can't she!

To Be Continued...

(stories are happening here and there, why don't you tell it all)

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