Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A distant Celebration- A video Dedication

With your Birthday, I start my YouTube Channel "Wildfire Production"

Jonmodin (Dr.Kamalendu's 66th Birthday, 2015) 
Many happy returns of the Day Dr. Kamalendu Chakrabarti I can never express what you are to me. I can never write in words who you are in my life. If there is God, then I thank him for giving me his incarnation in you. If there is destiny I thank her for making me meet you. May your pains get healed. Bless me so that I can carry your education in myself. I may carry your words to the world, that's the challenge of my life.
About the Micro Film:
Based on an old uncle who is ageing, and promptly in his late sixties. He is the narrator's best friend and Godfather. On the eve of his birthday the narrator misses him a lot. So, she sends a birthday message to him. (Bengali Microfilm)
This is my first video story telling experiment. To see more videos stay tuned to my YouTube Channel.  
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