Sunday, 1 July 2012


A Walk into the SEA

When the blues were on the head, 
and in the eyes too...
I felt my cheeks greased with sand,
I was late that evening,
I had a torn shoe...
I sat by the sea, 
and gazed over moments, 
gone and going...

I saw two figures...
Walking by the shore,
and was zooming out each moment...

I forgot my SLR on my bed,
or else the friendship they carried along,
I would have captured then...
Yet I captured it in through eyes,
and stored it in my heart...

I wet my feet in the saline water of  BAY OF BENGAL,
but never seen those friends again,
I carried my SLR everyday since then...

That evening I have missed THEM for moments and ages,
who were made for me,
who were very present yet absent all around,
who made me laugh and cry,
who said "hi" and never told a "bye"...

That was the evening,
when they walked along the shore...
I have seen their shadows grow liquid in the saline water of BAY OF BENGAL,
They were friends,
Holding hands tight...
A second's transition they sublimed into air,
I knew they were made for each other...



  1. Wonderful is a word that is less for a poem like this... for a moment i was like in the poets place... lost...
    and the last line was the punchline that changed it all and a reader would ponder over it for some more time

  2. wow!! flawless writing!!
    I must say u r a blessed girl Sulagna..
    keep writing!!

  3. Amazing stuff........ you are doing great..... Keep up the good work...!!!

  4. grt wrk by ma sweetie.....and we r made 4 each other....

  5. I don't want to sound regional but there is something about Bengalis and writing and you prove it so right. Lovely poem , well written and straight from the heart. Well done Sulagna :)

  6. thank you so much... Krittika...

  7. i like this poem.....dnt know what to say..for u have become so much better since our starting days. I feel i had wonderful moment sharing with u while reading it.

  8. kamona hothath shokto hole,,,,,,jamar botaam loose
    rokto-din'er faak'ti gole.............walked into blues.
    klanto hoyeo Blog'er jhhanpi
    khulte eleo aloto kaanpi...
    korbo kaake khun-kharapi,,,,,,,,mogoj kore choose....
    Whn'I walked in your sea...walked into BLUES....