Friday, 1 January 2016

Beyond the Boundary: Eternal Bliss

After nine months of exile I joined in with my mother to stay along with her. She happened to have been sent far away from her previous work area to a remote area in Tamil Nadu. But to my amazement I found her to be more energetic and lively like my childhood days. I discovered she has grown young in her looks and energy. When I asked about the reason behind, she took me along with her for a long walk. What I discovered is the "God's own Country".

While strolling along the meadows, they grabbed my attention. They are love birds, bond with the eternal relationship to unite and procreate. The elegance was more captivating since the instinct of love has united them when I found them mounted like the love God sitting atop of a lampost, maybe 13 ft high from the ground level. I thanked the almighty for letting me click the shutter in the correct time.

The road took us right through the unkempt meadows to the blue and beyond the edge of the horizon, I found solace succumbing my pains within itself. A cooler breeze was making our hairs dishevelled to make us perceive how much civilised we have been all throughout our life in the city. Life is more to be natural than to be articulated with bindings. This road was making way for me to reach eternity.

The unkempt grasses had something hidden as treasure, and what I saw made me overwhelmed with awe, and bewilderment. It was a peacock, walking along with us some yards away. I could only click him along with me. The feel of having an evening walk with a peacock is just beyond my thoughts. I could never forget the walk in my entire life. Real beauty is tresured in nature. I felt the harmony of equality in nature.

Perhaps we walked 3kms when we were greeted by a huge nimbus cloud. The rain was approaching, slowly, and with a devouring enchantment, got us drenched. We took shelter in a small hut nearby, probably made for passers-by. After a while, the rain stopped. We had no other option than to take the route back to our quarters. 

The after shower sky was such marvellous picturesque. After every bad time, good hope lurks 'every cloud has a silver lining'. I saw such a cloud, so, I clicked it home to share with you all.

When I was back home, I found many such visitors waiting for a flight back to home. I call them my friends. They were waiting for the right time to go home, and I waited fror then to take their flight. Such amazing experience I shall  cherish life long.



  1. This is very beautiful. I could feel your description... Keep posting (y)

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