Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Survived Pup


It's almost middle of the night, Prema switched off the laptop and the table lamp. She stretched back on the fluffy chair. "You are a girl after all, who has the treasure of the world," she recollected the chuckle on his face.

"If I am a girl, and with treasure, why do I always face such weird fuss?" She thought. Prema is in her early twenties. A graduate engineer placed on-Campus with a huge lump sum package. Life was like those in movies. Everything was going on like that of a cinema until she came to the new city of Bangalore. The garden city, with more flowers-tree cover, less humidity and better opportunities.

But 'expectations are the source of disappointment' and that got proved when one by one all of her dreams started encountering with the reality. Prema closed her eyes and a bead of tear crawled out of her iris, and crawled down her cheek, and disappeared into the open dark hair.

She switched on the table lamp again and pulled the notebook.

She started scribbling.

"If things were to go worse then why the good time had come. I feel like hitting the bastard like the way how the girl had kicked her boss in the blog. I also want to kick him hard. How dare he touch me!....."

To be continued...

(stories are happening here and there, why don't you tell it all)

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