Thursday, 23 October 2014


I have held my dad's finger to grow up,
I have talked in sound trait,
I have Messed Up his Ironed Shirt,
I have soiled his dry clothes wet.

I felt his warmth during the winter,
I felt his cold in his absence,
I felt his slaps in my mistakes,
I felt his happy tears in my success.

Today, I am Equally Tall,
Today, I am Grown UP Man, 
Today, I am Tuff & STRONG,
Today, I am swift, I RAN...

My dad has grown OLD now,
He Grows Worried sometime,
He Scolds me, but cannot slap my cheeks,
He silently cries, every night time ...

Did I ever Heard his SOBS?
Did I ever Felt His Heart?
Did I ever know how lonely he felt?
Did I ever ask how he was, when I was APART? 


sketch & poem ©Sulagna Dutta, 2014