Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Its too late to sit and write a verse, but I shall be awake all night for you.
I love nights but never loved it without you. Sometime these nights talk to me in your absence, its a similar night.

you wont sleep tonight?
Perhaps not tonight, I am missing you badly.
Why? missing me so badly??
Don't know, feeling lonely without you.
Are you trying to tell me that you love me??
Love huh! do I have to tell you??
Yes off course or else how do I understand that tonight you feel like telling me that you love love me!
Don't act like a child.

I love you.

i have been talking to night since you left me, i have been loving silence since you stopped listening my heart... i have stopped making love since the wind in between has died down. you are here all around me, you are here always pondering my thoughts, you are always hovering in my soul, tormenting me for every single moment... I love you for these reasons.... 

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